Featured below are a few of my current favorite TV shows, in no particular order.


Portlandia poster

Portlandia is a series and randomly came across and was momentarily hooked on. Starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, Portandia is a sketch-comedy that parodies residents of Portland, Oregon. Each episode features different eccentric characters that poke fun at "first world problems" faced by liberal millennials living in gentrified spaces. I'm a big fan of weirdly accurate sketch comedy, so I was drawn to this series and how well the actors play the different roles.

The End of the F***ing World

EOTFW poster

The End of the F***ing World is a Neflix series adapted from a comic book series by Charles Forsman. The plot centers around two troubled teens who embark on a road trip while dealing their harsh realities, one of which involves one of the teens yearning to kill the other. This is one of my favorite Netflix series of all time for many reasons. I found the story to be a unique and fresh take on the angsty teen trope. As common with British dramas, the humor was quick and witty, with a fair amount of snark and deadpan. The soundtrack of the show featured a lot of vintage doo wop and folk music, which I also appreciated.

Hip Hop Evolution

HHE poster

Since last year, I've been obsessed with docuseries. Netflix continues to put out different ones in a range of topics that I never would've expected. Hip Hop Evolution has been one of my favorites. It goes through the entire history of hip hop, from the 80s until now, through a series of interviews, graphics and video footage. I've grown up with hip hop and R&B so this is a nostalgic watch for me that brings back many music memories.