Featured below are some travel destinations I hope to visit one day, in no particular order.



I've always found Japanese culture to be facinating. I grew up watching anime, reading manga, and having an appreciation for japanese aesthetics and fashion. I would want to visit Akibahara and Harajuku, two well-known pop culture districts. I would also love to see the cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji. Going to Japan would be a complete culture shock, which makes it more exciting. I look forward to taking a lot of photos.

South Korea


There was a point during my high school years where I consumed a lot of South Korean media. My friends and I would watch a lot of Korean TV dramas and save up money for pop concerts. I would be excited to have full access to Korean cuisine (especially Korean BBQ), and be able to enjoy a relatively affordable vacation for all there is expirience. I look most forward to South Korea's vibrant nightlife. I plan to visit Hongdae, an arsty urban district, and Itaewon, a popular international district.


scenic view of hawaiian island

Hawaii has long since been synonymous with paradise. Whether this association is outdated or cliche, it hasn't stopped me from hoping to visit one day. I simply want to take in all of its natural beauty, and to get more acquainted with the original Hawaiian culture. As this lavish vacation spot has a higher price tag, this bucket list item is unlikely to be fulfilled anytime soon.