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Hello, My name is Paris Ani. I'm 21 years old and studying Digital Media Innovation at Texas State University. I'm originally from the U.K, but have been living in Texas for over 10 years, spending most of my time in the Dallas area. I transferred to Texas State in the Spring of 2019 and plan to graduate in the spring of 2021.

Before I came to Texas State, I attended both the University of Texas and UT Arlington. I also explored a few majors before settling on my current choice. I was originally a pre-nursing major, but coulnd't maintain an interest in the math/science components of the coursework. At UT Arlington, I majored in Visual Communinations, and though I eventually decided the major wasn't quite for me, it inspired to minor in Art when I transferred to Texas State. .

Research led me to discovering Texas State and the Digital Media Innovations major. I felt the combination of communications, technology and journalism would be a perfect fit for me. It took most of my college journey to settle down at a campus and be confident in the choices I make there. From the position I'm in now, I don't blame myself for taking time to explore my options in a culture where college is pushed before taking the time to understand yourself. I hope that going forward in our society, young people are given more paths, aside from immediate college admission, to self discovery during that uncertain transition phase after high school.

UniversityMajorYears Attended
UT      Pre-Nursing      2015-16      
UT Arlington      Visual Comm.      2017-18      
Texas State      Digital Media      2019-21      

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