Featured below are a few of my favorite movies, in no particular order.


Grease movie poster

I've always loved musicals, so Grease will always be special to me. I got ahold of a DVD of the movie as a 10 year old, and had went through a phase of constantly rewatching it. This was the movie that got me into retro films and music. Although, the movie has its outdated moments, its always a fun watch.


Coraline movie poster

Stop-motion is an animation technique that I appreciate for how well it goes with horror and thriller genres, and Coraline takes the genres to another level for me. For a book-to-movie adaption, it effectively adapts a unique and vibrant take on the original. It was eerie, whimsical, and thrilling. I first saw it in the theaters in 3D, which further enhanced the expirence. It was such a memorable watch the first time that I'll always consider it a favorite.

Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse

Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse movie poster

This movie was also an incredibly unique watch. I went to see this without having ever seeing a trailer or knowing what the plot was and the film completely surpassed my expectations. The movie featured an innovative mix of animation styles and aesthetics that essentially brought a comic book to life. The plot comes in with an unexpected twist early on to set the tone, and is engaging all throughout the movie. While the flashy colors and fast actions sequences may not be for everyone, its the perfect film for a fun, yet heartfelt superhero flick. =

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