Paris Ani

Hello, My name is Paris Ani. I'm a 21 years old student studying Digital Media Innovation. I'm originally from the U.K, but have been living in Texas for over 10 years. I transferred to Texas State in the Spring of 2019 and plan to graduate in the fall of 2020.

Before I came to Texas State, I attended both UT Austin and Arlington. In Austin, I was a pre-nursing student. However,my diminishing interest in the math and science required to advance in this major made me decide that nursing wasn't for me. One year later, I learned about the Visual Communication Design major at UT Arlington, and transfered with a close friend. After another year, we'd both come to our own conclusions that the campus wasn't a good fit for us, and took a temporary break from school.

Research led me to discovering Texas State and the Digital Media Innovations major. I felt the combination of communications, technology and media would be a perfect fit for me. I was also drawn to the naturalistic environment of campus and San Marcos. I love how green the area is, and I love how it's given me the chance to be more outdoorsy. I definitely feel that I've made the right decision.

University Major School Colors
UT Pre-Nursing Burnt Orange/White
UT Arlington Visual Comm. Blue/Orange
Texas State Digital Media Maroon/Gold